IV sedation question

Hello folks,

I’ve been a bit quite for a while, because I’ve been trying to deal with other health issues (non MS). And TBH I’m not in a good place at all because nothing is resolved yet.

I’ve recently undergone a procedure under IV sedation, however it didn’t bloody work!

Has anybody else undergone IV sedation?

What should it have felt like?

I was expecting to feel woozy/drunk, I felt nothing even after a second dose and I don’t understand why they didn’t stop when it was clear I wasn’t responding to the sedation!

They nearly had to peel me off the bloody ceiling!

you should complain to the hospital.

that’s like those horror stories that crop up from time to time where someone wakes up under anaesthetic during surgery!

say that you’re complaining to save some other poor soul from going through the same.

if they don’t respond appropriately try PALS (patient advice and liaison service)