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did anyone see itv news,the dosc was saying that cannabis dose not help tp stop progression,which they thought it might ,there has only beeen 3 big non dig companies trials,he reckons we need to go more that way

This is a seriously flawed study which looks at just one of the many active and beneficial compounds contained within the cannabis plant. Let’s examine a paragraph from this weasel-worded report……. “Cannabis contains more than 60 different Cannabinoids, of which THC is thought to be the most active, and many MS patients have long said the drug helps them cope with the effects of the disease.” M.S. sufferers have used natural, whole, Cannabis for many years and this is what they have reported as being of such benefit. The drug with which M.S. patients have had great benefit is Whole Cannabis: NOT the single isolated compound used for this study! It is therefore quite apparent that t5he study reported here has NOT studied the effects of Cannabis on M.S. and it’s findings are only applicable to isolated THC and NOT to Whole Cannabis.

Sorry, the quote from from another news site I was just reading before I came across your post lol x

I will agree that research so far canabis does help with pain.

That report is inaccurate.There have been many studies done and they continue to be done.I did read somewere it was being trialed on MS patients,even though I do not agree with illegal drug taking the research shows good reports so far and I think that report is innacturate.

If something is to be reported in such a manner then they need to do there research first and properly.

It can help MS patients and people with other illnesses.