It's one heck of a coincidence :-)

Hey Ever since my dx in dec, I get an email nearly every day trying to sell me health insurance. Coincidence?? I can’t help but be cynical about how this information has been shared…DVLA and NHS are the only bods that know. Never had emails like this before. Anyone else have the same? L x


reticular activating system-springs to mind!

someone better than me may explain better (looks around for tina or geoff!) but i will have a go in my words…

if u use a stick/wheelchair for example then suddenly u are aware of others using them all around you. i doubt there are more folk but u are just more aware now…

yellow cars-do u know how popular they are? probably not but now that i have planted that thought in ur head u may notice them now!

i suspect there has always been such emails around and now ur are paying more attention to them? maybe change ur comp settings about spam to reduce this?

hope this makes sense!


I’m with Ellie.

I reckon it’s either complete coincidence, OR you always got them, but took no notice before. I’m absolutely positive it didn’t come from the NHS.

Besides, it would make no sense for insurance companies to target people who’ve already been diagnosed with something serious. For most, these are just the kind of high-risk customers they don’t want on their books. They want people in robust good health, with very little chance of ever having to pay out to them.

Don’t forget, insurance is a kind of bet (that doesn’t mean I’m anti-insurance). If you remain fit and well, they win. If you don’t, you win (but only as far as the insurance bet is concerned).

Insurance companies survive on the principle that most policies will never have to pay out. If they start deliberately targetting punters with a high risk of needing a future payout, that business model won’t work very long. If the NHS or DVLA had somehow leaked your data, I think insurers would be shunning you, not flocking.


You are probably right and they were always there among the ‘junk’, they are just jumping straight out at me now! X

It could just be coincidence.
What usually happens is that your e-mail address has been “harvested”, stuck on a CD with a few thousand others, sold on to a mass e-mailer who will then send out junk mail, spam, scams etc, to order. The client will quite often contract with more than one mass e-mailer, without realising that they are all working off the same address CD. I have had the same email twice today, offering me the same wonderful opportunity to earn a fantastic salary working from home (yeah, right).

The client does not know, and the mass emailer does not care.

Whatever you do, do not “unsubscribe” - all that does is tell the mass emailer that you have a valid address.

If your e-mail program will allow, set it to put all mails from the senders address straight into the Junk" folder.


Thanks Geoff. Helpful info. They do go into my junk file, it really amazes me what rubbish is sent though :slight_smile: