It's Friday!!

It didn’t take me long after I finished work to get that bloody cork out!


Everyday living really but…

I had a drink when I got home, too! I went to Marks and Spencer’s, and I’m traumatised. They had a special points promotion, with discounts and bonuses to clubcard members, but only valid for 48 hours. I expected that to pull in more punters than usual (myself included), but didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was. The crowds and queues were so bad that a lady next to me wondered aloud whether we’d somehow slipped a month, and it was already Christmas week!

Another lady reached the limits of her endurance, put all her shopping back, and left.

It can’t only be the points promotion, and it’s much too soon for everyone to be buying Christmas dinner, so I wondered if there was an element of panic-buying, due to the severe weather. We had widespread flooding yesterday, and expecting more of the same tomorrow, so I wonder if people seized the lull before the storm to stock up.

If I’d known it would be as manic as it was, I’d never have gone, but having got all the way up there on the bus, I didn’t feel I could just turn round and go home again. Besides, I was getting low on groceries, so if I hadn’t entered the battle, I’d still have had to go and shop elsewhere. I can’t really do two destinations in one day any more - especially all by bus, so just had to grit my teeth and get on with it.

Bus home was very late, due to flooding on another part of the route. All seats taken at the bus-stop, so had to wait standing up.

Had just got home and unpacked, and was preparing something to eat (accompanied by a stiff drink & a selection of pills) when my mother rang, to ask if the house was OK (Yes, so far…water hasn’t come in yet). Mum can’t have a short phone conversation, so it was another hour before I got the already long-overdue meds and refreshments.

Now feel as if I’ve been run over by a steamroller. Sat down to watch Star Trek (yup, I know it’s embarrassing), but couldn’t concentrate, even though I like it. Too tired, and too many things hurting.

Think I’m going to listen to the Friday Play on R4, whilst soaking in the tub.

Oh, and I’ve scoffed a whole bar of macadamia chocolate!


I’ve been for an Indian - yum - avec vino of course. Getting the wrapper off the little chocolate at the end was a bit tricky but sticking popadoms in mango chutney was a breeze

Happy weekend x