its been a funny old day

All I can say is it is just as well our plans are fluid

Read about my day, I think it’s Lamb chops for dinner tomorrow.

Hope you have had a good day I only ever do good days even when they don’t end up where you originally thought they were going. its all good fun



Hi Don

Sometimes all the best laid plans go out the window, but I reckon its lamb chops for you today…yummy, enjoy.

Footy on TV today…yippee, although it means my hubby will be out in his workshop doing workshop things, as he can’t cope with his football hooligan wife, as he calls me!!

Pam x


Hi Don, sounds just like my kind of day. All planned out, then it has to be changed for other people. But, that’s life and I enjoy the differences. It is more exciting and certainly more challenging.

My sons are on holiday at the moment and we run a garden centre between us- sooooo I am looking after the garden centre, 2 houses, 1 dog,3 cats and 2 guinea pigs. The only problem is my cat does not like the dog, so disappears all day. I leave my bedroom window open at night and he comes in and I feed him then. The first night he woke me at 3.00 am and had 3 pouches of food (normally he has 1 in morning and 1at night) so he must have been starving. Now we have got into a routine, and he comes in at midnight has 2pouches and then goes off again.

My son and 3 children comeback on Monday -so a different kind of chaos will take off. But life is not boring so I enjoy all I can

Have a lovely dinner with those lamb chops - I am sure they will be worth waiting for.

Jackie xx


Enjoy the lamb chops Don.

Jackie you must be totally knackered!

Nina x


Mmmmm lamb chops… thanks for great blog Don.

I was opening a pack of tomatoes on the vine and saw they were from Thanet, Kent! (and good tomoatoes they are too).

Have a good weekend,

Pat xx

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Yes, I am, but just keep popping on here in between customers. I hope to rest next week - well after Wednesday anyway.

Jackie xx

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Jackie that sounds as mad as our place hope your OK

Pat Heather has just got the chops out and they will soon be toast if you follow my meaning

Pam our plans are always very fluid sorting our kids and grandkids is like herding cats

Nina they will be gorgeous lamb chump chops new potatoes and veggies my mouth is watering thinking about them I recon I should offer to help in the kitchen I’ll not get Heathers reply past the spell checker


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