Its all taking to long and now at a stage 3 employment review

Hi All,

I am still having tests to find out whats wrong with me, evoke tests done and waiting for results, LP yet to be done, but it is all taking along time and still off work with my symptoms. Work has called for a 3rd stage meeting review. they said I could have the union present and when I spoke to her about what is going to happen, she said they are coming to terminate your contract becuase they can’t make reasonable changes for me to return to work after the occupational physician had made his recommendations after seeing me. Feel very nervous, but I new it was coming. The odd thing is I have been told I may never get a diagnosis. Anyway I have an appointment with the Benefits office tomorrow for a medical assessment to see if I can still recieve the contributionary ESA. \my nerves are in tatters after this past year.


Hi Catherine,

Sorry to hear that you are having such a terrible time as all the stress can’t help. I don’t know anything about diagnosis as I am very new myself, but do know a little about employment law [personal experience]. I understand that you may not want to discuss this very sensitive subject but whether or not they can terminate your contract will depend on a lot of factors not just ‘reasonable changes’ If you want to chat please let me know. Remember the most important thing in this is your well being and getting the help and support you need.

Take care

Helen x