itchy, painful rash on my throat

hi all


i can't stand this heat and wake up drenched in sweat. this morning my throat was very painful and when i looked at it, it looked like a burn.

i put a cold wet cloth on it but that hurt, i tried aloe vera and although it stung it seems to have helped reduce it a bit.

i haven't been to the doctor yet (will go tomorrow if the problem is still there)

just wondering if its possible to be allergic to your own sweat?


carole x

I doubt it. Have you picked up some sort of bug/virus /lurgy if there is anything doing the rounds? A reaction to a change in drugs perchance?Are you dehydrated possibly?


I'm taking Medron oral steroid at the moment and it gives me oral thrush and I've got an antibiotic suspension to take.In the great scheme of things it doesn't matter,but it is the icing on the cake,and I can't even gniucfk taste it


Whatever you come up with you've got to get to the GP sooner rather than later.



thanks wb

i told my son about my woes - painful legs, sore arms and horrid rash and he suggested that i could get drunk.

i did as suggested.

going to doctors tomorrow. i feel dehydrated all the time - drink loads of water but my thirst never seems quenched, so thats another thing to tell my doctor.

carole x



I too have the never ending dry mouth and after all prescription stuff failed someone on here suggested the Boots dry mouth spray £2-55 and worth every penny.

However as you specify thirst have you had your blood sugar levels checked recently,I would def tell doc about that.

Hope you feel better soon.