Itchy insides...

Weird I know lol, but does anyone else suffer from this very strange and most annoying Phenomenom? It is usually inside by abdomen, and I can’t get it! Very frustrating.

Is it more like an itchy vibration?

it’s like being in a sci-fi film isnt it?

it’s life jim but not as we know it!

carole x

Hi, one of my first symptoms, so I’m going back more than 20 years, was an itchy stomach. It was like there was an itch inside that I couldn’t get to, there was nothing physical to see on the outside. I think my itch came and went over a period of a few years but since I was diagnosed and have been on betaferon (end of 1995) I haven’t had this. I’ve never seen anyone else mention this so be interested to see what other replies you get. Cheryl:-)

I get itchy boobs - yep embarassing, especially when I scratch and they swell!!! Ive got a pair which I hoped would shrink as I ate less but alas they seem to be battling against me (sorry for the pun).

The itch is a real stress brought on I assume by the nerves tingling. Have a friend who has it in another delicate place, she often looks like a cat on hot bricks!

Hope yours soon leaves you alone,

anyone would think we have fleas!



Hi, I have this, only its not an itch as such, I have it low down in my abdomen…and it vibrates…very weird feeling, I’ve not had it for a while though.


I have the itch, deep down inside my right shoulder, arm and back. It drives me mad, mostly at night. You can never reach it, it feels like insects under your skins, moving about. I take Gabapentin and Amitriptyline which helps a lot, but it’s never fully gone. Just something we have to try and live with?. Urg! Lynne xx

I often get the feeling that my body is crawling with maggots, it’s horrid but not painful.

Just as I am about to drift off to sleep, the gremlins come out to play!

I get it occasionally inside my inside upper thigh. Very frustrating bcause there’s no way to get to it!

I sometimes look as though ive got a cold purely because i get that strange itchy feeling on my face between my nose and lips, and because my skin is pale as soon i rub it (which doesnt make it better anyway, but cant resist the urgh) my skin goes bright red. What would i do without make up?! Hazel

Wow i never realised all these things were probably my MS! I get an itch, always in the same place on my upper inner thigh. I have the vibration in my pelvis area, like i have a mobile in my pocket (i often check)!! I also get the crawling skin which isn’t much fun escpecially when my little girls want to hug me and climb on me and it is very difficult! Hope you all fell better!

M x

Hi Amanda,

I know exactly what you’re descibing, I developed this " itch " along with a burning sensation and sharp stabbing pains. My itch was in the centre of my torso just under my chest and it was so awful that I knew where the itch was but i could never relieve it as it felt as if it was indeed inside me and not on the surface of my skin. Afterwards I developed the horrible pressure/pushing and pulling feeling inside my abdomen which I’ve had now for 5 months and it’s only now easing a bit.

This ms thing is very odd