It never rains.............

I struggle with some people.

A recent visit to the local hospital has left me puzzled.

Some “professionals” just lack any sort of empathy or sympathy.

What are they trying to prove?

Here is one eventful week or so…



Hi Steve,

well, what can I say? I’ve just read your August events, including the “dramatic music”and while I accept it has been tough for you last month, you did make me smile, and I’ve not done much of that lately! So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You for making my day. And I hope September is a much improved month for you.

Kind regards,


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Oh Steve, What a time you are having. Hope it starts getting better soon. How Dar people speak to and treat you like that. They shouldn’t be In 'people job’s Anne

anne is right.

the condescending attitudes need to be put in room 101.

the patronising tone of voice is the thing that pushes me close to the edge!

the worse thing is that as soon as i leave the place i think of a cutting (yet witty) response when it’s too late.

a good internal swearing session helps!

always best if you can make it rhyme.