It is Burn's night (Not MS)...

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I’m looking forward to my Haggis neeps and tatties tonight

Me too! Happy Burn’s Night.

if you are interested?..

Thanks, Jacquie - same to you (if it’s on the menu).

Marcus. x.

Happy Burns Night. Enjoy your haggis. Cheryl:)

We had a Burn’s Night celebration in our village pub last saturday. My husband had to do the address to the ladies. We have a couple of scots in the village - and they were there resplendent in their kilts. We had cockaleekie soup followed by haggis/neeps/taties then clouty dumpling. We have two talented guitarist/singers who have recently moved into the village. They got together and entertained us with folk-songs. My OH had more then enough to drink and ended up inviting folk to our house for sunday dinner. They were great guests - and we did all enjoy ourselves - even though l did not know their names when l answered the door to them.

l was impressed by the chap who did the address to the Haggis. He knew all those verses off by heart.

Robbie Burns was quite the ladies man - his wife gave birth to a son - 4days after Burns death at the age of 37.He had many offspring by different ladies.

Have a good night


To all those who will be enjoying a wee bit of that

‘Great chieftain o’ the puddin-race’,

(we certainly will be )

A very happy Burn’s night


ohh dear i am scottish and i forgot all about burns night, and i ahve the haggis in the freezer as well, i will have to have it another night. how bad is that.

Thanks. Cheryl.

Although we’ve never met, have a happy Burn’s night haggis is being served tomorrow night - wife’s choice. (she’s Irish)


Dear ‘Campion’,

I thoroughly enjoyed your ‘fairly long’ story. You seem to have enjoyed the evening. My ‘Burn’s supper’ isn’t until tomorrow evening - my wife is from Northern Ireland and she was busy with ‘other things?’

Marcus. x.

Dear ‘Titty’,

Good wishes to you on Burn’s night - it’s good to read ‘Happy news’ on this website.

Marcus. x.

Dear ‘shirleymoss’,

I’m Scottish as well (and I wasn’t 100% sure either - I blame it on the fact that my grandfather and grandmother were from Orkney and Shetland). I’m impressed by your honesty and although I’ve spent 55 years in Scotland (I’ve celebrated many Burn’s nights, but my wife (who’s from Northern Ireland) says that we’ll not be eating the ‘haggis’ until tomorrow evening). Do have it another evening and ‘more importantly’ I hope that you are dealing with your MS - although as a fellow ‘Scot’ - any excuse for a celebration will do!

Marcus. x.

thankyou marcus, yes i will have it another night, again i forgot to take it out the freezer, memories lol,

Well haggis was as gorgeous as ever… My 3 year old loves it as well. Mmmmmmmm ‘get in my Belly’

It’s OK ‘shirleymoss’ - thanks for replying but that is my standard ‘comment’ to people who don’t have MS - MEMORY (you’re in good company - if you believe it?)


Yes, I agree. (but maybe a good idea not to divulge exactly what it is - ) but I like it - and it’s healthy! unlike many of the ‘fast foods’ which are eaten.