Isle of Man anyone?

Hi, Hubby and I are really hoping to relocate (retire) to the beautiful Isle of Man, it’s been a dream for may years.

I’ve been a few times and our only difficulty is narrowing down an area to search for a property for us because we love it all!

Bit of background for me is that I’m ppms for 28 years now and a full time wheely user, so any input on where or where not to look for or any other advice from an ms perspective from people who understand would be most gratefully received!

Thank you!


My Hubby & I went to see the IOM TT races in the 1980s (motorbikes) noisy for some!..stayed in a place called Ramsey, near

the sea with my mother who is Manx.

Its a wonderful picturesque island. A search on agents sites is probably required.

Best of luck & Happy retirement from a fellow mser!

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Hello hitfl, having gone to the Island, from 1982-86, for the TT, I know that it’s a beautiful island. Try the local MS Society group, for further details and insights - Isle of Man Group | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK Good luck, for your future.

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Thanks both for your input!

It’s a good idea to go to the local group thank you! I did want to hear from people who understand the pitfalls…

I actually do have relatives in Ramsey (who I like a LOT) but I’ve a feeling they might have a slight bias on where on the island to head for if you know what I mean. Also, they probably don’t adequately understand the difficulties!

Off to see if I get anywhere on the link you kindly suggested. Many thanks E

I live in IOM. Been here 16 years. Was here before my MS was really an issue. The health care here regarding MS is quite good. There is a fortnightly MS clinic which is held by a visiting neurologist from the Walton Centre. We have an MS Nurse, MS physio, OT etc. I’m actively involved with the MS Society group here. Send me a PM if you want further into - I have loads.

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Hiya Derek. How very kind of you!

The services there on the IoM sound really good! Best not say it too loud, everyone will want to go!

The most I see anybody these days is once a year max in Kent, (ms nurse) and to be honest the last time I saw a neurologist here I vowed it would be the last time - and that was 3 years ago now!

I don’t post on here very often, so I’ll apologise in advance if I get it wrong, but shall attempt to PM you tomorrow.

Many thanks again. E.