is thyroid disease common with ms

I got double vision last year and had 2 small lesions on 6th cranial nerve and under active thyroid. It resolved and I was back at work and discharged within a couple of months. I have been so tired with all sorts of aches and pains. I carried on with my plan and moved to a new area. My new gp is rubbish wouldn’t refer me, measure my vitamins or thryriod function properly and it culminated in numbness and pins and needles spreading up my legs About 3 months ago. Having convinced my gp it wasn’t anxiety she finally picked the phone and had a 3 min conversation with neuro who brought me into your clinic straight away. I waited a long time for mri and results but it showed a large dorsal lesion in my neck and 4 lesions on my brain. Ive had 3 day course of steroids. Im going to see ms nurse soon For dmd. Thanks for reading my story. Is thyroid disease common in ms?