Is this worth a try for those with indwelling catheters?

Maybe people already know about this but I hadnt heard of it before, its a type of indwelling catheter that claims to use ultrasound to prevent bacterial biofilm formation on urethral and suprapubic catheters. The ultrasonic waves interfere with the attachment of bacteria reducing infections, encrustations, blockages, discomfort and spasm and need for antibiotics.

Sounds feasible.

So to take this one step further, we might conclude that if we purchased an ultrasound bath we might be able to reuse our catheters. It would certainly reduce NHS costs.

In any event anything that reduces the probability of future UTIs has my vote. I will ask my continence nurse about it.


There was a story in the paper today about trials taking place for a new type of catheter: New catheter cuts infection by keeping bacteria ‘happy’ | News | The Times

Again, it aims to prevent biofilm formation, and to keep bacteria happy, but it’s all about the material used to make the catheters, a different type of plastic.

Looks promising for SPC and Foley catheters initially, but hopefully it will be extended to ISC too once it’s proven to work!