Is this possibly MS?

I’ve had an MRI and the report says that it is suggestive of demylination in terms of location but not morphology. I’ve got to wait a few more weeks for the follow up appointment and would appreciate it if anyone knows what this means. Thanks

This is an educated guess only. (I've only ever come across "morphology" in the study of words before! I did a quick dictionary check and it's a biology term that basically means the same though.)


So, I think it means that you have lesions in places that are typical of MS / demyelination, but that they are not typical of MS lesion shape / structure.


MS lesions are typically found next to the ventricles (the lakes of CSF in the brain), next to the gray matter (the outer layers of the brain) and in the cerebellum (the separate bit under and at the back of the brain) and the spinal cord. They are typically ovoid and have quite clean edges although they can also be u-shaped when found next to the gray matter.


The key thing here is the word "typically" - they aren't always!



Karen x



Thanks for that. I’m hoping then that it is something else.