is this normal ?

My partner has been virtually unable to speak since Sunday, she has difficulty keeping her eyes open and needs to be fed to make sure she chews properly and swallows. She is aware of things and her memory is OK. Our surgery has said she has no infections etc so I’m asking if this can all be put down to m.s and is it normal to occur so quickly. She has been very ill with infections before and I’m very worried that this could be another.

I’m sorry Richard I don’t know the answer to you query. Have you tried to contact your partners MS Nurse? Probably difficult because of the holiday period, failing that try the Neuro ward of the hospital that deals with her MS.

You might get a better response to your query if you post on the Everyday Living Forum.

Best wishes

Jan x

Hi Richard,

You don’t say what type of MS your wife has. If relapsing remitting, then relapses can indeed come on very quickly (literally overnight, in my case - no warning except feeling “a bit tired”). Not all relapses are anything to do with infections. Indeed, not all episodes linked to infection are a genuine relapse. You can have a relapse in the absence of any infection. You can also have a pseudo-relapse linked to an infection, but it’s not a real one. Don’t know if this helps?



Hi Richard - my MS (first attack) made me paralysed down one side of my body, head to foot, in the space of about 20 minutes so this is certainly possible. I had no infections at the time at all and had no issues with memory or any other than my muscles no longer working and having no feeling (luckily temporarily). MS can do all sorts of vey annoying things!