Is this MS?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here.

Am a 27y woman. It all began in June this year, when I was under a lot of stress due to lack of sleep and travel. I was tired most of the time, My left thumb started aching for unknown reasons and almost at the same time, I had a sharp pain when I took a deep breath also I had some kind of un easy feeling in my left eye.

Initially I felt it was some kind of tingling in the eye or some foreign body, and also my left thumb pained when I took a deep breath and as always I googled! A huge mistake! It said it could be multiple sclerosis.

On I went to three different general physicians, In here there is a general feeling that the docs don’t take you seriously unles you have collapsed. So all three docs said the thumb pain and eye problem was unrelated. It could be due to my nature of work with the computer keyboard. Of course I wasn’t satisfied.

I went back to my country(India), there I visited another series of docs. I took a blood test and it revealed vit D deficiency and a high tsh of 12.5 with a normal free T3 and T4. My calcium levels were normal. I also went to a neurologist, he examined me and said these could be just related to thyroid and vit D def.

I started taking meds for thyroid and vit D and also multivitamin tablets as prescribed by the doc in India. this was in July.

Now I have developed a lot of twitching all over my body, even my lips and tongue. It twitches randomly and also after I cycle or carry something heavy, my left leg and hand twitches more. Also i have some trembling in fingers after carrying something heavy.

My thumb pain has reduced, and the discomfort in the eye was actually lower eyelid twitching and that is ok now.

However this twitching all over my body has caused me a lot of anxiety. All the general docs I have seen again have told me to ignore and carry on. I am back in the NL, I asked them to refer to neuro here, I had a consultation with the neuro they couldn’t find anything clinical. The sent me back to the GP.

The GP isn’t very helpful. I also did another series of thyroid tests it came out normal. Initially I was scared about als, now I have slight jerks, not visible although I can feel it through my hands at times. Some day are better with the twitching and jerks some days pretty bad.

Can someone help?


you need to be grateful that you haven’t been diagnosed.

getting too hung up on what it could be is a fast track to massive stress.

i know that you just want answers but honestly that’s how i was too.

however keep on seeing the gp and ask if there is anything that can be prescribed to ease your symptoms.

symptom management is the way forward.

keep popping back on here and let us know how you are doing.

carole x

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