Is this MS?


I’m a 36 year old woman. For the last few years I’ve had periodic bouts of tingling / mild shooting pains in my arms and hands, and heel pain (without having had a heavy day on my feet). For the last few months, I’ve also had what Google tells me is “post-void dribbling”; ie I go for a wee and when I stand up I dribble a bit, no matter how careful I am, and how sure I am that I’ve finished. I have to hold some loo roll between my legs when I stand up, to avoid a drip or two running down my leg.

I think the tingling could easily be a touch of carpal tunnel could it not? And very possibly it could be a back problem, or sciatica or something, that’s causing the pain in my feet. Nevertheless, I have a nagging worry.

The symptoms seem mild really, if I’m honest, and as I said, they’re only periodic, so I’m a bit embarrassed to go to my GP.

What do you think?


hi katherine

it’s always a good idea to see your gp, whatever it turns out to be it is good to have it on your medical records.

now for the dribbling - you can self refer to a bladder clinic and ask the nurses there for help.

maybe just a tena lady?

carole x

Very sensible advice Carole, and just what I’ve been delaying doing myself, so thank you. I should get onto it… sigh.

aw katherine

its rubbish having to see a continence nurse, use catheters and tena lady.

but at least it lets us get (almost) on with our lives.

say goodbye to dignity with a smile.

good luck

carole x