Is this a relapse? Unsure what to do

Hi thanks for taking the time to read this.
So… I had a relapse in February which consisted of extreme fatigue, numb face on the right side, numb and painful arm and numb hand all on the right side.
This led to a mri showing lesions and once ruling out all other mimics then a lumbar puncture the neurologist decided hes comfortable with a MS diagnosis.

He then said since I had recovered so well and was back to full health (albeit with a leftover weakness in my right arm) he wouldn’t put me on any medications untill I had either another relapse ( to which he would book a mri ASAP) or future scans showed further lesions etc.

So the last few days I’ve had fatigue, a prickling sensation on the right side of my face, pain and weakness in my right arm and bad pain in my hip.

Could this be a relapse. I’m unsure whether to contact the neurologist to book another scan. Or hold fire in case I’m over reacting. :woman_shrugging:t2:

It can be difficult to know when to chase and when to back off. Recovering back to nearly full health is great, but if you are having new symptoms you need to try and find out if they are MS related. If they are you (in my opinion) should discuss DMT meds which can reduce frequency of relapses and may reduce the consequential damage. We are out of the era of “wait and see - or steroids as the only option” Try to be reasonable with your GP and neurologist but do not be fobbed off. If this is MS related, the sooner you start the better. (again in my opinion based on the experience of not starting soon enough)
All the best