Is there a possible broken link in new Site Welcome Page

I get the impression sometimes that on the first screen that appears when accessing MS Society from a Google listing, the FORUM tab appears to have a broken link whilst the alternative link at the bottom to Visit Forums works but might be overlooked. However, there also appear to be 2 alternative ‘Welcome’ pages with a different main picture that pop up with one where the tab works

Things do seem a tad strange at the mo! I have emojis, then I have no emojis! They randomly appear & disappear. It may be teething problems with the new changes, I’m sure someone from admin will look into it soon.

Thanks for flagging this. I’ll have a play around today but I’ve not had any problems with broken links accessing the forum.

Regarding, the two pages you mentioned, I’m not quite sure what you mean… we have a new homepage for the forum - where you can log in, and then there’s the standard board page which you might get taken to from Google or an external site.

Again, I’ll have a look and if I find any issues, I’ll get these fixed. In the meantime if you come across any problems, please screen shot the issue and either email or PM me. Thanks again.


Thanks Oliver! Forum tab on the above takes you to Forum tab on this page does not not work though there is a Visit Forum link that can be scrolled down to.

I see - that page your referring to is the new forum homepage - the tab on the menu bar at the top of this page now takes you to. You can log-in on that page and it will take you to your profile page or as you mentioned you can click the visit forum link to browse the boards.

You may find it easier simply book-marking the page you like to use to access the forum, that way it’ll be quicker for you if you’re not keen on accessing the forum via the new homepage.


All seems to be working now.

Spoke too soon, its back again. May be intentional but to my reckoning its a very clumsy design guaranteed to confuse. Why do we even need to be directed to the second welcome forum/login page when just wanting to click a link that goes straight to the Forum?. I think the tabs on the second page are being shared from the Home page which makes the Forum tab on the second page appear inoperable and pointless. I know there are ways round it but as a system it just isn’t at all elegant.

Thanks for your feedback - and I’m sorry to hear that you’re not keen on the layout. We had the forum homepage built as we felt it made it easier for members to log in to the forum. The previous log-in tab was not particularly clear (almost hidden at the top of the page) and we had numerous reports of members unsure how to access and sign up to the the forum. Having a dedicated homepage (rather than just landing directly on the boards) was to make logging in and signing up easier, we also wanted to use this space to display and make the community guidelines more prominent.

I will of course, pass your feedback on to ensure that any potential future changes bear your feedback in mind.