Is the wait and see approach appropriate when you might be having another reflare or am I just burying my head in the sand?

Hi all

After having recovered from my neuro symptoms almost completely last Oct time I have not felt 100% since Jan (fatigue my pins and needles back in my L leg and tongue numbness some hand cramps and intermittent spasm round R of ribs) now since wednesday my L leg has gone quiet numb and when I shower or bath it’s notable so that I’m limping or walk like an elephant (as my partner put it) as I can’t always feel the floor beneath and it feels heavy, I’m still having the hit of fatigue though managing to rest and get through it (though stuck at work till 6 today and my eyes are exhausted - feel like I could fall asleep).

My tongue has got more numb (just at the front) as have my lips on the L and my palate at the front only and I’ve had a few stings in my L eye (but thankfully not like the full TN type episode I had back last year).

Was referred to another neuro as my current neuro left but no sign of appointment yet. Though don’t get me wrong I’m not neccesarily jumping to get a review asap as long as I have one in the next few months. I guess my partners slightly concerned as I told him about things reflaring since wednesday and he said maybe I should look at seeing more neuro’s or other specialists (though he doesn’t know who) or trying holistic therapies (though I do yoga and have tried acupuncture and osteopath).

I guess I’m in disagreement in that I feel like I need to sit and wait it out and there’s no poin t pushing for other referrals if the neuros feel I have had full investigations (and so do I apart from LP or EVP which I said to leave unless something dramatically new happened as it still wouldn’t get me DMD’s with a positive result) and if it’s query MS and we’re waiting and watching but also I don’t want to then appear over paranoid. I think also my partner worries that I have it set in my head that it is MS because I am on the MS forum when actually the forum has so many of us that are in limbo and go on to have other diagnosis. It’s just a great place to share and support because we’re all suffering similar symptoms.

Am I silly having the wait and see approach? Though some days the fatigue makes me grouchy I’m just grateful my symptoms did go and that even though I’ve got something new/reflare they’re at least not as bad as last year. I am still working, still walking, talking etc so I feel I have much to be happy about.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with a wait and see approach as long as you are getting things on record and are making sure that there isn’t something else going on (eg an asymptomatic UTI making your symptoms worse). A trip to your GP couldn’t hurt. Karen x

Thanks Karen - already have my GP trip booked for next week. :slight_smile:

I guess I’m in that grey area where my symptoms are there but not bothering me enough to feel like I need to panic and go into action (apart from the fatigue which as I said at times is not too bad but then when I feel really bad even other people have commented and said you look exhausted and like you’re going to fall asleep).

I guess if all else is okay with the GP visit I’ll see what happens at the next neuro review and whether they count this as another episode and want a repeat MRI or think now a positive LP/EVP would get me DMD’s (though I highly doubt it), or whether it is still ?possible MS.

Thanks again Karen