Is my brain repairing itself?

I’ve posted on here a few times. Currently undiagnosed, had 1st & so far only attack I know of a year ago. Left with 2 lesions on my brain that I last knew of in January when last had MRI. I’m one of those wait & see cases. The area of my brain that had the inflammation was in the area of speech. A short while after my attack my speech improved & was perfectly normal. Since may of this year my speech hasn’t been right not too bad but not fluent and a bit slurred, it’s like this most days. But the last 3 days my speech has been very good nearly normal, do you guys think my brain is still repairing itself? X

Hi Anon

Our brains all have extra capacity, and miraculously also the ability to not-necessarily ‘repair’ itself

but to relay new information to the ‘unused’ part of our brains. It takes time, but you basically learn

these things ‘again’. But obviously, as we get older we tend to lose part of the ability to learn new

stuff, and so it gets harder as we advance in years. You can’t always 'teach an old dog to learn

new tricks’, but sometimes you just never know! Brains are wonderful things, but you have to

remember that tiredness, stress & illness can affect the way our brains (and bodies) perform at


Hi sprout, thanks for your reply. I’m 31 so hopefully young enough for a bit of repairing still! Am I right in thinking that the repair process can take up to 2 years? X

Am 41. Too old to learn new tricks…or that’s what I tell hubby when he raves on about Internet security. Now I couple that with ms and he gives up. Well cool.

41 is far far too young to stop learning new tricks - haven’t you recently learnt how to use your ms as a viable excuse to lunge at a young man’s crotch?

Of course you can teach an old dog new tricks - but at the end of the day, it will still be an old dog!

Age 41? Mere youths!


Yes, deb, thanks for that. LOL. And a very entertaining experience it was too. Must remember that trick for future use. And Geoff…I prefer to be compared to a fine wine rather than a canine.

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