Is MS a possibility worth raising?

Hi, Following chemo and other cancer treatment 4-5 years ago, I never really returned to a ‘normal’ pain-free state. I had very achey sore legs, weakness, fatigue, and fluey feelings. I also had sore joints, and then found to have synovitis. An initial quick rheumatologist appointment gave me a diagnosis of CFS and fibromyalgia. When the synovitis was found in an ultrasound I was then diagnosed with inflammatory (RA factor negative) arthritis. A new rheumatologist wants to revisit all diagnoses - I don’t have classic fibro trigger points, and my blood doesn’t show arthritis factors. But my immune system has been permanently damaged. I am on hydroxychloroquine which helps. The symptoms are all very fuzzy and multiple and the intensity of them fluctuate. I also have mood disorders and I’m useless in medical appointments as I often just cry. What I’m wondering is whether it is worth asking if MS is a possibility? Would that be silly to ask? Should I ask them to explore it? The achey sore legs is probably the most consistent issue… Thanks for any thoughts…

Hi, It wont be silly to ask about MS, seeing as you are concerned about it.

I`m sorry to hear how appointments upset you and that is completely understandable.

My advice would be to always take someone with you… someone who knows you well and is capable to taking everything in, as you may forget some things.

It would also be an idea to write a brief list of questions and current symptoms/meds.

Good luck.