Is lumbar puncture more painful than deep cleaning teeth

Hey all, I have a random question but just want to get an idea of how painful lumbar puncture is. Would you say its more painful than when you deep clean teeth? Because, deep cleaning is a painful process itself, and I have heard lumbar puncture is also painful.


Sorry, I don’t really know what deep cleaning teeth is. Is it like a visit to the dental hygienist, only more do? Anyway, I have had an LP, and it didn’t hurt.

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Way more painful, yes.

Hi some say they didnt find LP painful…3 of mine were very painful…but the 4th was done x-ray led and was fine.

Deep teeth clean? Dunno!

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Hi! I’ve had three lumbar punctures and found them uncomfortable but not painful. On one occasion a trainee doctor was attempting the procedure on me but with no success This did cause some pain but when the resident doctor took over there were no problems.

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Ditto! on 4th attempt :woozy_face: Junior Doc, very unpleasant, particularly when he caught a nerve and my leg went into a massive spasm.

I don’t think teeth clean could possible come close. Perhaps a root canal without anaesthetic?

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I have only had one LP, and am happy to report that it was painless.


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I would rather have a lumbar puncture than a standard toothache. Mine had some pinches and pressure, but there was no actual pain involved.

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Deep clean wasn’t that bad, gets numbed down. 1st LP was horrid. Trainee/student struggle to get pierce my lumbar, and Locum took over and did it quickly but hit a nerve in the process. 2nd was a breeze. The Diazepam I got to calm my nerves before may have been why the 2nd was a breeze :smiley: