Is it possible?

Hello, I was wondering if it is ever possible, following a positive LP, one neck lesion and two episodes, having not suffered a significant relapse in approx 4 years to ever be told by a doctor that I have definitely not got MS? (I do have a few residual symptoms but no relapses). Is that just wishful thinking? Just looking to the future and wishing I could get a definitive answer as certain decisions (such as starting a family), would be easier if I knew.

Is it possible? Yes, if you were misdiagnosed.

Is it likely? No. Sorry.

The only thing I am 100% certain of is that it’s best to not let MS control your life.

MS is almost completely unpredictable so trying to work out what might happen is pretty pointless. Sure, plan, but be prepared to adapt as you go. And don’t waste opportunities because you are worried about what might happen - because it might not!

Life is short. Don’t waste it.

Karen x

The issue I have is I haven’t had a diagnosis, so I don’t know if I have it or not.

Hi, I see you are still wearing that huge ?, like I am, eh? It`s been 14 yrs for me now. Thing is back in 2003 I was given a 95% dx of PPMS. I accepted that and got on with things. Then some idiot of a neuro decides to tell me it is summat else, .then he changes his mind again.

Aaarrgghh. Makes my blood boil. I have a 2nd LP next week. Last one was really painful.

luv Pollx

It’s highly unlikely that a Dr going to stick his neck out and give you the “no” answer that you want? The symptoms (signs) that you describe would preclude that. I know that 4 years seems like a long time but alas, the monster can sleep for over a decade and then raise its head (Conversely absolutely nothing more might ever happen to you)
It is hard to make decisions when the future is seemingly at risk but I don’t think you will ever get a definitive “NO” you just have to try and make the most sensible plans you can with a back up for “just in case”
If you knew it was a definite ”yes” would you not start a family? My daughter was 11 when I was dx so I never had to face that dilemma but there are lots of new mums on here who I’m sure would share their thoughts.


Does it matter?

It’s not hereditary. Pregnancy is fine for MSers. Lots of MSers make wonderful parents. Parenting is about far more than being completely able bodied. Etc.

Don’t let MS, or whatever it is, leave you looking back at your life thinking “if only”.


Hi everyone, thank you for your comments. Guess I am just fed up and wish I knew either way. The not knowing is so annoying. When I get so easily tired, or the tingling goes crazy or like at the moment when I am getting a surge of old symptoms and the awful brain fog, I don’t know why and have no explanation for it. My partner is supportive but as I haven’t had a diagnosis I don’t think he recognises how much the residual effects can still trouble me (like how tired I get). I thought they didn’t know for 100% sure that it wasn’t hereditary? Not only the fear of passing it on but the ability to cope with a full time job and a child with MS would certainly make me think twice about having any. I don’t fancy finding out further down the line, having a major relapse because of getting too exhausted. Just wish I could make informed decisions, instead of guessing all the time. But you are right, I need to wks the positives. At the moment (apart from this temporary blip), I’m healthy (ish) and happy and need to make the best of it. Thank you, I can always rely on you guys for a sense of perspective xxxxx