Is it possible to have MS if you've had a clear MRI in the past

Hi, I’ve had about 3 relapses now. Shortly after my first ever relapse I had a brain and c spine MRI which was clear. This was about July 2015. After my second relapse (Sep 2016 ) my neuro reassured me that my old MRI made him believe I definitely didn’t have MS but he offered me another one and an L.P. which I declined because i wasn’t symptomatic anymore when I saw him. Now Nov 2018 I am having my 3rd relapse. And GP gave me gabapentin which worked like magic with my breathing and walking. But he has referred me to the neuro again. Could it still be MS?

hi cosine

it is good that your gp has referred you back to neurology.

it just means that he is really working for you.

the neuro will want to run tests, some of which you may have had before.

so go along to the appointment with the neuro.

keep an open mind because it could be something else entirely.

carole x

Oh ok… but what else could it possibly be!

What are your symptoms Cosine?

Breathlessness ( that is not fixed by inhaler but is immediately fixed by gabapentin) left arm and left foot numbness/rubberness, walking issues ( like i need a wall to walk otherwise i walk funny) and all these have occured all three times although i used to think the breathlessness was asthma


The biggest problem with MS is that it shares so many symptoms with other diagnoses. So it’s entirely possible that you don’t have MS 8n spite of the cyclical nature of what ails you.

Equally, it could be MS. It would be wrong of anyone on here to say yes or no to MS. Or in fact suggest other diagnoses.

It looks like you’ll have to wait and see the neurologist, see what tests s/he now wants to do and don’t hold your breath! As you know, diagnosis of anything, MS or otherwise is a long process.

Best of luck.


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Thank you thats comforting and validating at the same time. The wors thing is when your family thinks your just nuts.

You’re not nuts. And if anyone says you are, tell them to come and see me!!

I know you’ve been suffering on and off for some time. I saw your user name pop up again and while I didn’t remember your whole history (cog fog!) I knew that you’d been worried for a couple of years.

So I would suggest even if it’s not MS, try and get the neurologist pinned down as to what it could be. There’s no doubt that something isn’t right.


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(Just had to look up what that meant!! #middleagedwoman!!)


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