Is it normal to have to repeat tests and investigations?

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Hi all

Despite being formally diagnosed privately (it was definite enough to get pay outs on my two critical illness insurance policies!) the NHS neuro now wants to do everything again - that’s another MRI, full bloods, new chest X-ray (to rule out sarcoidosis) and is trying to persuade me to have a lumbar puncture!

I think this is a complete waste of time and money, but he won’t do anything DMD wise until he’s had all these results. The one I’m really arguing with is the LP as I just don’t want to go through it and I know it’s not necessary. I’m all for being thorough, but this seems extreme. He even said I definitely fit the diagnostic criteria for MS now!

Is this normal? I feel as of I’ve gone three steps back after just starting to come to terms with my diagnosis?!

Oh well, more waiting, more tests, more frustration!

How frustrating!

Unfortunately, it is probably fairly common because, for some reason, a lot of neuros don't seem to trust MRI scans and other tests from other hospitals. I really don't understand it :-(

I hope that they all get done quickly at least!

Karen x