Is it normal for the Physio to keep your case open

Hi All,

has this happened to anybody else please. Had various visits to Physio and excercises to help with gait and slower walking movements have been a big help. But the excercise’s helping with balance and improving muscle strenghth brought alot of pain and stiffness and showed no improvements so she gave me a choice to stop doing them and leave my case open indefinately so Nuero or Gp wants me to go back to see if my symptoms i desplay have got worse. I am not diagnosed with MS at this time.

your opinoins would help me xx

I would say it’s simply to stop you having to be re-referred, should you wish to go back at any time.

If she discharged you, you wouldn’t be able to go again without a new referral letter, and there might be a new waiting time, but if she leaves it open, it’s between you and her, so it will be less hassle for all concerned if you need to go back.

I have had things “left open” before - although it wasn’t with physio. It was basically in case a particular thing happened again, I could go straight back without having to ask the GP to re-refer me. I don’t think there’s anything sinister to be read into it. In my view it’s better than being discharged, as it’s more flexible. You don’t have to go again, but if you need to, it should be less bureaucratic.


thanks Tina for your reply xx

My Physio has left my case open and I can just phone for an appointment if I have any problems. It’s standard at my hospital as a first referral appointment can take 4-6 weeks but a follow up can be arranged within days. x

Hi Medion

When they keep you on files, it keeps all your options open and keeps you connected - if you ever needed them again.Its almost like a safety net.

They do it to reassure you that “all is not lost”, if at present, you dont need them right now, or are going through a bad patch health wise. Im not sure they do this for everyone, I imagine you’d have to fall into a certain catagory , where you need continual, long term support for example. It also reduces the number of appointments that end up getting cancelled, saving hospitals money.

My files were kept open with Physio, Hydrotherapy and Dietician, when I became too ill to attend, and kept cancelling appointments.Now I contact them by email or telephone if I need advice or have any concerns. Even had some home visits. Its what ever suits you really, especially if you have a long term chronic illness, and your day to day health and abilities change all the time.

Also saves having to start all over again, going through Gp , waiting 6 months, and ending up with (very likely) someone completely different who doesnt know you or your history, and thats a nuisance and waste of time. However , some places in UK offer self -referral services, so you can go straight to the Physio for example without seeing your GP first, and without such a long wait, and gives you more flexibility and control to manage your condition. So you can check in and check out whenever you need them.

Its wonderful when they do this. The bigger your network of support, the better the advice , the more time they have for you and the less you have to wait those dreaded weeks to see and bother your GP. So it a bonus really.

Mind you I dont know the whole process. There might be a cut off point, time-wise, if you havent contacted them or used their services. I hope not.

I may be wrong about some of these points, but this from my experience and theyve been pretty good and helpful to me.

Basically its their way of working with you , not against you.

Have you tried Hydrotherapy? This works for alot of people who find physio ineffective.

Almond xxx

thank you all for taking the time to message.

Hi Almond, no i have not tried Hydrotherapy yet, never give this a thought. I will ask. thank you xx

thank you all for taking the time to message.

Hi Almond, no i have not tried Hydrotherapy yet, never give this a thought. I will ask. thank you xx

Usually the GP will refer you, then you have about 6 or so free sessions of one hour exercises, with plenty of supervision, taking gentle exercises in a lovely warm pool. Being under water ofcourse puts much let stress on your body, its wonderful once you get into it.

Then if you really like it, and you want to continue , its something like £7 a session. Well it is where I live.

There are usually about 2, 3 supervisors / experts to the whole pool. With there being about up to 10 of you exercising, you will get a chance to exercise whilst chatting and making hydro-friends. Its so relaxing. I found it less daunting and lonely as the one to one physios.

Im sure you will love it Medion xxx