is it ms symptoms

hello everyone , so I have been having some concerning symptoms about 4 months ago I was really sick with flu like symptoms at the end of me getting better I got a twitch on my left tricep it stopped after 2 weeks then I got them all over my body a couple weeks later i was sitting in the theater for 2 hours when I got up my leg went numb I shook it off but my foot stayed numb then numbness went into ankle of same leg right leg. after another week I felt a numb sensation on right shoulder that turned into an ache and then into a burning sensation. then my thigh started with burning sensation also after right thigh the ache burning sensation went into left shoulder also but this one comes and goes .I have also been waking up with numb hands mainly pinky and ring finger of both arms it goes away after I shake them. and now my right bicep feels tight with burning sensation also and one time my pointer finger was moving on it’s own. Need some insight on my symptoms

Hey! Have you had any insight yet? I literally am experiencing the exact same thing!