Is it harder to diagnose ppms

Alysea if you have a dx of ms the nhs guidelines say you should have a nurse. If not you can ask the ms specialist nurse association for help getting you referred at: Tel 01531 670481, e mail: or

I hope this helps. Whereabouts are you? I’m in the South Lakes near Kendal.

Cath x

My neuro has wrote to them and my physio offered to give me number I was suppose to get a call in a few days that was September neuro said he would write to them again he is a Ms specialist maybe there on sick leave, physio comes on 29th and she was going to give me number as she works at same clinic if they haven’t called by then I will call them but waiting 5 months is stupid.

thanks xx

I’m from preston but I know lakes my ex lives there in God I lived there for a year and my memory is worse, the place close to Workington spent a lot of time there he’s a waste of space though so happy I got rid lol

Alysea you should have heard from your nurse way before now. I was introduced to mine on the same day I saw my current Neuro for the first time. The fact that you’re in Preston makes it even more unacceptable as that’s where our main Neuro centre is! I was admitted to Preston to get a dx and my dad’s MND team are there too. I live near Grange Over Sands so you should definitely have all your services more available than we do.

I’d ring your Neuro and tell them you haven’t heard yet or just ring the number I have you as I’m certain you’ve got lost in the system somewhere.

Cath x

Hi, Cath , i’d noticed you had written again,

Is Preston where you got your diagnosis of ms? I noted from an earlier message,that you said you had a very understanding Neuro, I’m still thinking of asking for a 2nd opinion or even going private at least for a first consultation but I wouldn’t want to go without a recommendation, i can’t really afford it but my husband said it may be the only way to find out. Any advise would be helpful

Michelle x

Michelle I’ve sent you a pm

Cath x

Hello Michelle.

I was ages getting a proper diagnosis. Several visits to the GP resulted in a mixture of nominal treatments. “Stop burning the candle at both ends, stop drinking and take these vitamin B tablets.” It was only when I moved and I went to a GP I actually knew-she knew I wasn’t one for making a meal of things, I was referred to a neurologist in 1993. About 6 years too late.

Best wishes, Steve.

Oh is yours Dr Mills? He is great so I won’t complain fast dx and tests but I only see him every few months I see him next month I think, last saw him in November my physio was shocked they hadn’t been in contact as she works at same clinic as they are usually quick.

ill get number or ring them soon, what can they give me? Just curious as neuro not given me much I stopped the vesicare and bladder nurse coming again next month she scanned me 3 times lol.

thanks all xx