Is it brain or spinal lesion?

I everyone, just wondered… Would it be where inflammation has been in the brain or spinal cord creating lesions that causes speech issues?

That would be in the brain. I think Rizzo’s sticky might help with which bit of the brain deals with language and speech but I know I definitely had a lesion in the right area at the time I was having speech problems.

Tracey x

The Left hemisphere of your brain is responible for speech and language, however if you have damage to the corpus callosum (the bit of the brain that connects the two halves) then the right side which is responsible for processing information and perception will not be able to communicate effectivley with the left side; thus causing speech problems. The cortex (outer layer of cerebrum) controls Language also and so damage here can cause problems too.

The two hemispheres may also differ to the way they effect certain functions such as producing speech, daydreaming or recognising faces. The speech function is usually located in the Left hemisphere, except in some, but not all left handed people who may have areas controlling speech in both hemispheres. Not all brains are organised the same way and right handed males, have greater left handed dominace for speech than females. Therefore if a man suffers damage in the speech area of his left hemisphere, this will have a greater impact on his speech compared to a woman who has suffered similar damage.

So yes speech problems will be caused by brain lesions (in most people with MS).