Is it a modern day thing?

Good morning everyone.

Last month, my GP arranged for a follow up appointment for routine bloods and stuff. I duly went home and put it in the electronic diary on my laptop with a 24 hour reminder.

As it happens, I trundled up there on this very fresh breezy morning (not an unpleasant trip) to discover that the appointment is next week. Yet I was so sure it was today. Is it the concept of noting appointment times in this way which has made me so complacent? You’d think the fact that the reminder didn’t pop up might have aroused my suspicions. But no. I even went into the diary and looked at it. I was so convinced it said the ninth, yet I’m not known for such oversights about appointments. What is it about putting things onto a computer? It’s such a mismatch of what I thought and what I actually did.

Anyway it gave me a good giggle and I feel much better for going out and talking to human beings. .

Best wishes, Steve.

We have to laugh Steve. The list of muddles is endless. I bumped into a friend when shopping & spoke of life 20 years ago. Later remembered I spoke to the person weeks ago. Computers store everything. It’s viruses that cause trouble. Updates overlap & we get distracted by nature which is always good. Take care out there. If the wind continues, it’s kite time.

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Steve my social secretary keeps all those tiresome things like appointments in control, if left to me nothing would ever get done.


Steve, about three years ago, whilst I still used a written diary, I managed to go to an appointment with my MS nurse a week early…right time…right day…wrong week!

Checked my diary when I got home and I’d written it down correctly. Brain thought it knew better!! No rhyme or reason!

Nina x

Steve I am a wedded to all my technology, but I still rely on my I trusty old filofax which I also use for putting reminders in. Luckily I have a very organised hubbie who keeps track on me for those times when I forget to check said filofax or just have no idea what day of the week it is.