Is deterioration in eye sight something to expect?

Hello Guys,

In my 20’s-30’s I needed a low prescription to drive to correct shortsightedness.

A couple of years ago the optician told me that a rare bonus due to the onset of middle age meant that my shortsightedness had corrected itself and I did not need to wear glasses to drive any longer.

I got an eye test today mainly as I’m off work sick I might as well get everything checked out as I feel so poop.

It transpires that my eyesight has deteriorated very quickly and I need a relatively strong prescription.

I’m surprised by this, has anyone else noticed such a deterioration…is this possibly connected with MS ??

It’s silly but I feel a bit like I’m falling to bits Gillian x

Hi Gillian.

I don’t know how old you are but it is not uncommon for people in their 40’s to develop long vision which can develop and progress quite rapidly over a few years before stabilising. One of the gripes of impending middle age I am afraid :frowning: and not necessarliy MS related at all.

So if you are in your early 40’s it may be as simple as that but if in doubt can you ring and ask your eye doctor?