Is anyone going to...................................

Banham Zoo on the 31st August? Ruth

Is there something special happening there as I live in Norfolk and I’m always looking for ideas on a good day out. x - a day out but you do have to register, not sure if this has closed now. I have a 2 year old so great day out for her

It’s a family fun day organised by MSS - (i did post the link but looks like it was halted for moderation)

Hi Ruth

Yes, I’m going! Sorry didn’t see this yesterday as I was in bed until lunchtime. Went to football match at Chelsea FC on Wednesday night and didn’t get home until 2am so my sleeping pattern is completely adrift now. Good job it’s the school holidays and I’m off work!

I’m going on my own as my son is an older teenager and not interested but I will be meeting up with whoever else is there. Hoping for good weather (but not too hot) as I’m planning to pack a picnic.

I thought it would be a nice day to meet others from all across Norfolk/Suffolk and I do love a day at the zoo anyway.

Tracey x

Ah great well hopefully see you there, I have a two year old so she’ll love it and unlike Colchester Zoo, Banham is a lot flatter so not as tiring for me!

Hope you all have a fab day out!


Ooh, this is interesting! I live right near Colchester Zoo so I’ve always held annual passes for the whole family, but we would enjoy a change of scenery. (And rufus, I usually only manage a couple of hours at Colchester as it’s so hilly…it’s a bonus having the annual passes!) X

I had an email yesterday saying that around 540 people had registered for it so should be a great day. I’m looking forward to it, my daughter got excited about going to Seapets (it’s a pet shop for those that don’t know it) so she’ll be uncontrollable at the zoo. You’re right Emma, couple of hours at Colchester is so tiring, last time I went was a year ago and as Abigail was still in a buggy was so difficult to push it up and down all the time. Hope you can get your tickets if you decide to join us!

We went to Colchester Zoo on Wednesday - luckily no buggy for us anymore at 3 & 5 years! I’m grateful for all the play areas as it keeps my two entertained while I take a break. I remember trying to push my tandem buggy around there a few years back, and that was before this MS stuff started! Got to talk to hubby as I have a feeling we have something booked for that day…my memory is shocking! Enjoy though x

Yeah, hopefully see some of you there. Wow, 540, that’s a lot of us! I know it’s not hilly but I do still tire easily as I’ve had 2 relapses this year so I may still need a little nap before the drive home lol. If you see a strange women curled up on the back seat of car catching 40 winks that will be me :wink:

Let’s hope for nice weather

Tracey x