"Is any body there".

it seems very quite out there "

can some body say somthing.?

“seems very quite out there”

talking to myself again.

I’m here Millwall. Hope you are enjoying this rather wet bank holiday… and nothing on the telly AGAIN!!!

Time to look through the dvd collection and try and find something I don’t know the script of word for word…

Take care… and have to say I have some of my best conversations when talking to myself!

Pat x

Hi there. Hope you all had a Happy Easter but it’s really wet and soggy today! Teresa xx

Hi yes it’s raining here, very miserable. We’ve had a good weekend. Had my brother in law and his wife visiting from the West Midlands. For the first time in 15 years she asked me what MS was and how it affects me, apart from the fact that I can hardly walk. I felt that we were almost as close as we used to be before MS came into my life. I think it’s because she’s got a few health problems now, they brought me a book to read and it’s amazing it’s called ‘Eat right for your blood group’, it said that people with B blood group are prone to neurological problems such as MS and ME especially if they eat chicken, corn and tomatoes. Guess what blood group I am? and I used to eat these foods a lot. Makes you think !!!

Lynne xx

Hi Guys

Nothing much to say but I am still aroundtake care, be safe, M

This is surely just a coincidence though Lynne, isn’t it ? I am A+, so it clearly doesn’t apply to me. Teresa xx


You did ask for somebody to say something.


Well there are several of us still here, eh?

Normal service will be resumed on Monday…I think!

luv Pollx

Yes Teresa as every blood group is different this book said that B types are just ‘prone’ to neurological conditions. my friend is A neg and she has mS, i think the writer of this book has looked at what affects each blood group over all. Following this diet seems to be for loosing weight, warding off illness and to give you lots of energy. I’m giving it a go.

Lynne xx

Hello I’m Here.

Not been on here for simply ages, but it’s nice to know you are here

Sometimes my eye and head problems don’t let me go on the computer at all

But, I do still think of everyone and wonder how life has been treating you

So, let’s hope it’s a good weekend coming up for one and all.

Take Care all

Love Buffy x

I liked the ‘something’ G. It’s eye problems that stop me stayng on for too long or saying too much WHICH may well be a blessing, Buffy!!

Best wishes to everyone, take care, M