invictus games

I’ve been enjoying watching the invictus games.

really inspiring and it has made me realise that ms should not stop us from getting out there.

ok i’m not up to running a 200m but i’m going to have a long hard think about what i COULD be doing.

also prince harry is worth watching! what a brilliant personality!

he made me laugh just before foo fighters came on stage when he said that dave grohl was getting old.

dave grohl gave him a big bear hug and seemed amused.

he is a treasure!

carole x

Jen, it was like a smaller version of the paralympics for disabled service men & women, They came from all over the world, truly inspiring, Prince Harry possibly becoming most Popular royal?

Definately yes re Harry!!

Rosina x

ha ha!

i think i’ve developed a crush on a prince!!

that would mean i’m a cougar!

oh got to stop this right now!

jen - it was a kind of paralympics for service men and women who have been injured in the line of battle.

one who was a captain was leader of team GB and his story was heartbreaking but inspiring too

carole x

Means I’m a cougar too (not for the first time - whoops I didn’t say that! Tho given my slow Decline will just have to window shop)