Investigation of MS

Hi everyone,

I am just after some advice and support in what is a worrying time for me this Christmas. 3 weeks ago I developed slight dizziness and went to the doctor. They diagnosed an inner ear infection. 3 days later I started to get cold chills up my legs from my feet to my knees. I also started to feel very weak and tired. I have a two year old and a 7 week old so I need my energy and I notice easily when I am not right. I then woke up 2 days later and struggled to stand on my legs and walking to the toilet felt like a chore that I had to put effort into. I went to A and E and they kept me on for investigation. I saw two neurologists who didn’t know what was going on. I then had an MRI which was clear and a lumbar which I do not have the results for yet.

They have me classed as under investigation for MS. I have a follow up with a neurologist for my results in 3 weeks. Since being him for 5 days I have gotten worse! I get numbness on whatever side I lie in, in bed at night. Including my bottom, chest, arms, head, face, ears. I then struggle in he day with a slightly numb right arm and right foot. Just wondering if any of these sound like standard symptoms. I have no vision issues that I can tell and no pain! I am tired though a lot and it is not just new baby tiredness! Also if the lumbar comes back as fine am I just to accept this is not MS and hope for a diagnosis of something else? Will then do that or just send me home?

sorry for all of the questions this Christmas Eve. I am having a rough time with it all. I am very upset that this is all happening so soon after having a baby.

any advice or support would be appreciated xx

Hello, I’m afraid that no one here can comment on what may or may not be symptoms of MS. Neurologists have to follow a complex process in order to make a diagnosis themselves. There isn’t a single test or MRI of the brain and/or spine that does it; it’s a combination of things spread over time and in different parts of the nervous system that is involved. However, I can’t see that having had two neurologists involved, that the hospital will just send you home without any answers. They will want to get to the bottom of whatever is causing your symptoms and fix it. Please stay with the Forum and we’ll do our best to give you whatever support we can during what everyone will understand is a very stressful time for you. I hope you can enjoy your Christmas as much as possible. Best wishes, Anthony

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your message and kind words. Both neurologists said my symptoms were not presenting like MS. I had never really heard of MS until I got to the hospital and they brought it up. However as there was no other explanation of them they are still investigating it as the main cause. I just thought it appeared more instantly from what I have read on here and on other sites. Instant odd vision, instant numbness on one limb or two, loss of walking. My symptoms change from day to day. I can have a numb arm on the right for 3 hours then it is fine, then I might have pins and needles in my foot for 5 hours then it stops. Then I may have a numb face for a few hours. Mine seems to work like this… which does seem strange? I find find it all very frustrating to deal with whit looking after two little ones. I also can’t help worrying about what it is and how it may affect my future and my two children!

Any advice of how to deal with this until I get further results would be gladly received. Kate xx

Hello Kate

As Anthony said, we can’t say what is or isn’t MS, but having had a clear MRI and 2 neurologists saying it doesn’t look like MS, it perhaps isn’t.

That doesn’t help I know, when you’re frightened of what is going on in your body, with a new baby too.

All you can do is try not to worry too much, fear, stress and worry won’t help, and won’t change the results either.

I hope it’s resolved soon and your uncertainty at least is eased. Keep talking to us, we’re quite friendly and will do our best to understand and support you during this horrible time.


Hi Sue and Anthony,

i just wanted to say thank you for responding to me especially over Christmas. I saw a neurologist consultant this week and he has confirmed face to face to me and In writing that this is not MS. My lumbar was negative too and he actually said they should never have done it in the first place and saved me the worry over Christmas. He agrees with an ENT that I have something called PPPD and vestibular migranes. Which can start after giving birth.

Thank you you for your support at a time I was struggling. I hope by updating this I can help other new mothers who may have similar symptoms at least.