Introducing myself

Hi everyone, just rejoined and thought I’d introduce myself. I was diagnosed in 2010 with RMRL, I’m now SP. My life completely changed and I lost everything through the problems I was having. I was relapsing every other month, I never really recovered from them either, I was a mess. But after a lot of hard work and most importantly a postivie attitude, I’m the best I ever have been and right now I love my life, I tend to just treat MS as something that just so happens to be there and I try to just get on with it. I really belive positivity is key to a leading a healthy life with MS, with any illness really. I’m a huge Motorsport nut, so if there’s any other petrol head’s out there, give me a shout.


Hello MSF1, Welcome back ( I am in limbo) Lina

Not exactly a petrol head, but I do like watching Top Gear! I’m the same as you; just trying to play this duff hand as best I can… the days of riding a 900cc bike are gone (dodgy balance - I choose not to ride the bike but still have a licence) but you can now get electric cars with the acceleration of a bike, so that’s something to think about…

welcome back i decided to just let my MS get on with it, no matter what i tried i found it exhausting so i just thought what the hell and weirdly enough its calmed itself down a bit lol.

My husband was a motor sport nut after 30 years with him, i have to say and going off production car trailing i too enjoyed the sport. I dont now as he has gone but i love to watch PCT on youtube.

we did all kinds of trails in our classics. we had a skoda octavia registered in 1959 and took it on the Edinburgh trail, even though we had a few things happen on the way we got there lol. we trailed our imp and mini. we had a ford e, and i counsel.

loved watching grand prix with him. I still love hamilton now. he is amazing and followed him from the beginning and said he would be a champion.

I am glad you have got yourself sorted. you can I hope enjoy many more grand prix, oh we watched the Sahara desert the DAKAR RALLY.

The cotswold clouds, we did it 2 years and did well, one year in our skoda such fun but boy when you came to the end i would feel like i had been in a car crash lol.

my profile i just changed to me in the back of the skoda shame its kind of squished it a bit going up the CROOKED MUSTARD lol. mad, crazy person i was back then crazy chick.

Fracastorius, have you heard of “The Bike Experience” ? They used to have a website but I think they now rely on Facebook. They are a charity who offer the chance for people with disabilities to get back onto bikes in a safe environment. The atmosphere and black humoured banter is really good. I told them that I would be unable to ride due to a useless clutch hand, they said don’t be daft we have an 800 cc Aprilia that has an automatic gearbox requiring no clutch control. Once on the bike you become just another biker with a grin on your face.


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Welcome on board - footie is my passion but I do like the bikes - especially the road racing heades over in this part of the world.

Hi, Im also a returnee! Hi and may I say, what a great positive attitude you have, considering what youve been through. Boudsx

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Thanks for the tip! I’ll bear them in mind.I have done track days at Cadwell and ridden all sorts of stuff, and as long as the essential controls are in the same places, should be OK. It’s getting feet down in time and holding the weight of the bike which I’d worry about these days… dropping someone else’s bike is something I don’t care to contemplate! Done it to my own, and that’s bad enough, but at least it was my own stupid fault and my own bike. The bike club who I was with at Cadwell has long had a policy of trying each other’s bikes on the track, but it’s always understood that the rule is ‘you bend it, you mend it’ and it’s all amicable.

You dont need to worry about static balance. The founder of the charity is paralysed from the chest down but now has an international race license. The Bike Experience use technology and helpers to get people out of wheelchairs onto bikes.

Good Luck