Intrathecal Baclofen

Had anyone get treatment from hospital for Intrathecal Baclofen? Even on trial. My consultant mentioned that I should get it but I am not sure unless I get feedback from others

I tried it last August to see if I could walk more normally with it as I have spasticity in my calf muscle. Unfortunately it made no difference to me. They might as well have injected saline into me !

What is your walking like - mine is not great as I have dropped foot due to spasticity.

Moyna xxx

Have seen this question several times now. I keep offering my firend`s experience. She doesnt have MS, but HSP…very similar when it comes too stiffness and spasticity.

She had a baclofen pump fitted around 18 months ago and after a few teething problems now thinks it is fab.

She has offered to speak to anyone who would like her number.

I`ll pm it to you if you like.