Intolerance Testing

Hi, A few years ago, I had an ELISA test done which came back with loads of stuff. It was quite daunting really. I recently had a test done by The Intolerance Testing Group. I did it on impulse really. Anyway, this has come back so much better, showing only black tea, grapes and cacao as the main foody-type stuff I’m sensitive to. I believe this is down to the diet I’m now following, which is the Wahls Protocol/Paleolithic diet. I feel healthier for doing it. I see adverts on the telly for junk or processed food, and can’t believe we’re sacrificing our health for such rubbish. The test also showed I was sensitive to Penicillin, which is true, so for me, it showed credibility. I’ve also recently bought a water distiller and now only drink distilled water. Why, you might ask? Well, when we get something like MS, I believe our body is screaming at us that something is very wrong. It tries very hard to repair the damage, but can’t with the tools we give it. It wants proper nutrients from proper food, to get the job done, and that includes what we drink. We live in a very hard water area. Before our water softener was installed, our kettle would cake up with limescale every 10 days! I don’t think drinking very hard or softened water has done me much good. Don’t get me started on Fuoride! Before I rant myself into oblivion, please, please consider what you feed your body. Please check out Dr Wahl’s website. A quote that recently resonated with me, “Give your body what it needs, not what your mind wants.” Heather

I agree with giving your body natural, nutritious foods, not sold on paleo though. Mostly as a concept though, because we don’t really know what cavemen ate and drank, how often, etc.