Interesting Video from MS Centre USA

Great video on how Neuro’s think and their plan for the future with some statistics on people not having treatments

I’m a fan of Rocky Mountain MS Center’s information, their magazines and videos. They have fantastic publications explaining MRIs, relapses etc.They call relapsing-remitting MS relapsing-repairing MS. In their view MS turns progressive when brain is no longer able to repair. They are a research centre as well as a patient clinic. Imgine being treated by people who have so much knowledge.

Anyhow, in the context of UK their approach to how MS should be treated is very much a theoretical proposition. Their view is that MS should be treated aggresively from the start to avoid accummulation of lesions. They question if first line DMDs should be used at all when there are more effective treatments, Tysabri, Gilenya, Aubagio and others coming on stream. In thier video to which you provided a link they talk about picking a treatment that is best suited to a person with MS. There is another video about future treatments which talks about brain reserve and the importance of exercise.

For me personally, not much of this information is relevant. I was never offered a DMD, in fact it took me a while to discover that there were any treatments at all. Whilst many of us here are very attached to principles behind NHS when it comes to MS we might as well be in middle ages. I feel we should be grateful for what we get, incompetent neurologists and even less impressive registrars. NHS is not free, having paid towards it for almost 30 years I feel I should be getting lot more than I do. We feel sorry for our MS friends from the other side of the pond that they are having to pay (if not covered by private insurance) for everything, for example MRIs but in the UK most people will probably get one MRI which are used diagnostically and not to follow up the disease. Majority of people with MS in the UK are not on any DMD let alone more effective treatments.

Still, I do recommend resources on Rocky Mountain MS Center website, well worth reading.