interesting HSCT article

I saw this and thought it was an informative and balanced. Apologies if you have all seen it any way.



It is interesting. Scary treatment. Reasonably well balanced. Terrifying though. Those people who’ve done it have my admiration, regardless of where they’ve been, the U.K., Mexico, Russia. In fact those who’ve gone so far away from home for the treatment deserve even more admiration, regardless of how good the guacamole is in Mexico.



It is interesting to read the last bit of this article, 12 months on I wonder if Caroline would follow the same set of options with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.

Her writing style reminds me of Melanie Reid (Spinal column) which I love to read.


Yes I agree. I like Melanie Reid too.

I also read this, one of the better articles x