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Afternoon gang, are we all snuggly wrapped up in our fleeces, with cosy bed socks on? Aren`t we an alluring lot! That`s me today anyroad!

Thanks so much to all who replied to my post about eye problems and PPMS.

Got another poser for you now...........I`ll explain why I`m asking first, so you don`t all start yelling at me! I`m still gathering information to take with me to my next meeting in April.

This was summat one of the numpty neuros said to me when he first diagnosed with HSP, the first time round in 2010;

He said I couldn`t have PPMS, or i wouldn`t have been able to have this very important, in-depth conversation with him, as PPMS would have befuddled my brain after so many years!

Chuffin` cheek of him, eh? How insulting!

So how many of you reckon you can still hold a very intellectual and clear conversation?

................all of you would be my guess.

The audacity of the pompous so and so, eh?

luv Pollx

OMG can't believe he said that!!! Give him my number and tell him that I'm more than happy to discuss variety of subjects with him... anything from Marxism to post-modernism in literature. Blo*dy idiot!

Yes, I sometimes struggle with some cognative stuff. Last weekend I was sitting in my friend's car which I've sat in a million times before and had to ask her how to open the door. A sort of mental fart. Then I came home and watched a French new wave film. Understood every bit of it and discussed it at length. 

Cognative issues... which some people get with MS... does not mean you can't have an intellegent conversation. It does mean that sometimes you might get a bit overwhelmed and get a bit confused. When you are fatigued that confusion can be worse. Go to bed, have a good rest, and next day chances are you will be discussing quantum physics. 

How do these people get to be neurologists? 

You gotta laff...

Pat x (PPMS symptoms for 10+ years and still have a functioning brain!)

Hi Poll

I agree whole heartedly with Pat, I can still hold a good conversation, and yes, sometimes cannot think for the life of me what the word I am trying to say is, but I still think I get by ok. Cognitive problems are a symptom of ms, and sometimes is very annoying, but on the whole I can still "hold my own" in a healthy debate.

Where do these numpty neuros learn so much rubbish!


Yes definitely, I can discuss intelligent subjects, do well in quiz programmes, crosswords etc. But I must say Pat I’m waiting for the day when I wake up and am able to discuss quantum physics at length! I’m sure it’ll be any time soon…

I have my ‘blonde days’ with word selection and forgetting what I was going to say halfway through a sentence but luckily these aren’t often.

I think that Neuro must have been an impostor, as you say Poll a ‘right numpty’. Great word by the way.

Teresa xx

Hi folks

Now I'm worried about the number of times I say on this site that I waffle and rambleblush Damn that Neuro, they are meant to help us???  I do sometimes have a lot of notes/newspapers WITH long words around my very comfortable chair AND probably sent tooooo much time 'online'.  These assumptions make me so angryangrysee the person not the disease!  I'm going to have to rest my blurry visioncooland take a 'chill pill'.  Have a good day guys, M

Actually I haven’t got a damn clue of what quantum physics is… but if I had known what it was before I had PPMS, then I would still know what it is now that I have PPMS.

I think there is something very frustrating sometimes… and that’s that I can’t communicate quite as quickly and as fluently as I once could. The time it takes to get from my brain to my lips takes a bit longer… which is a shame when you would dearly love to tell a neurologist where he can go…

Teresa I also watch (and do well in) quiz programmes… do you watch ‘Pointless’? It’s my current favourite.

Pat x

Eeee, my dear pals! I knew this subject would get you all riled......and quite rightly too!

I aslo love quizz shows.....i can even answer questions on Mastermind sometimes, when the contestant can`t!

My dentist once said to me that quite a few of his patients have MS and he`s noticed they are all intelligent people!

So there!......Mr Numpty - waste of space neuro nit wit!

luv Pollx

ps he doesn`t work at my hospital anymore.........wonder why...........?

Yes, I do sometimes watch pointless but find Alexander Armstrong being sincere very odd as I’m used to hike being ironic always. My all-time favourite is eggheads though and I do get frustrated with my sons if they come in and talk whilst I’m watching it. I especially like it if I can answer questions the eggheads can’t.

Teresa xx

That is meant to say ‘him being ironic’ oops!

Teresa xx

l also like anything that tests the brain cells.  l have for years kept testing myself. Countdown- Eggheads-Pointless and the Usual Suspects - even university challange. When l was laid up - with broken ankle - my daughter gave me a ds brainteaser gadget. l soon got to age 23 - then packed it up as l did not want to have a brain younger then that!!  l was surprised how good l was at mental arithmetic and the other brain games. lt makes you feel good knowing that some parts of you do still work.




Hi Frances, yeh, gotta keep those brain cells active! I really like quick answer quizzes like Weakest Link and parts of The Chaser.

luv Pollx

are we getting a gun ready for him evilLaugh One of the things that hasn't been impacted by this is my thought process. The only thing that sends it mad is the various drugs they keep trying to get me to take.letdown

Yeh, lets get a posse up and track him down, eh?

luv Pollx

Wait for me I'll catch you up!!

Janet x