inside I`m dancing

Afternoon guys, the headache is waning at last. Thanks for all my replies on that subject.

A post from campion about her fab new rollator, has prompted me to do this post.

Inside Im Dancing is a film about 2 Irish disabled lads. It is both funny and poingant. Very worthwhile tracking down if you havent seen it. Yeh, it`s one of my fav films.

luv Pollx

sounds good Poll, but I shall have to save it until I’m a bit less emotional…I just know it will make be bawl

Don’t know whats up with me today

Aw hun! Maybe it was that catwalk stuff…hope you feel better tomorrow.

luv Pollx


i got this dvd about 6 months ago but am useless at getting round to watch films-will do so soon on ur recommendation!

ellie x

Hi Poll, glad headache is going.

I saw that film a couple of years ago and loved it. Certainly breaks down the stereotype of disabled people being victims!

Pat x

Hi Poll Glad the headache is on its way out. I think I will order this from amazon and have a watch, it sounds great! Teresa xx

Hi Poll,

l have ordered the film from amazon - shall look forward to watching it. lt was 52p plus postage!!

Glad you are feeling a bit brighter today.


Yes, get it watched. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Watch out for the bit about the bridge in Dublin and what Rory says about it. Priceless!

luv Pollx

Hi Teresa. Feeling better still today. Yeh, order that film.

luv Pollx

I should`ve been on commission, going by how many folk are ordering that film. Hope you enjoy it, like I did. Let me know, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Pat, feeling even better today…can`t keep me down for long, eh?

Glad you also enjoyed the film.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Glad you are feeling a bit brighter today. I, also, have ordered the film

from ebay to watch it. Sounds like that film is being ordered by the

whole world and his wife at the moment…what have you done? lol

Pam x