Inosine - anyone heard of it?

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A friend in the states who used to be into body building told me of a drug called inosine which used to be widely used in the body building fraternity. Now there is no evidence it actually helps with that but he mentioned that it is now being used in trials for MS sufferers.

I had never heard of it before but I just wondered if anyine else had? I think the results have been varied, like most things, it works for some and not for others.

JBK xx

lts a supplement - lnositol - supposed to be able to repair myelin. l first heard about it about 5yrs ago - from someone on this forum.l did get some from amazon. And took it for quite a while. Not sure if it did any good or not. Certainly can’t harm. But its a job to see yourself if it has helped.

lt is recommended for people with MS - but when l asked my GP - ‘the computer says no’.

JBK - l take a lot of supplements - so it is impossible for me to say which ones work or not. But if like me - you will try anything to improve your ‘lot’.

Have you googled it?

Kelly - let me know if you turn up any useful info :slight_smile:

Funnily enough (and talking of body builders) I was asked if growth hormone would help me - I just said I wouldn’t want to even dabble, given what MS does to your immune system, growth hormone might be great for everything else but could even speed up MS?!? shudder to think

Sonia x


Could you please let us know where it was suggested that Inositol could repair myelin, as I can only find it as a preventative for panic attacks (…and also a naturally occurring substance in oranges and cantaloupes !!) ?

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…by the way, Inosine (as specified by JBK) appears to be a completely separate substance, so spacejacket’s reference to ‘Inositol’ seems to be irrelevant to this thread !!


When l first heard - on here - about 3yrs ago - about lnosine - when l looked at getting it as a supplement the brand name was lnositol. lf you google lnosine MS and lnositol MS - there is info.

After ingestion, inosine produces uric acid that is suggested to be a natural antioxidant and a peroxynitrite scavenger with potential benefits to patients with multiple sclerosis (MS.) Peroxynitrite has been correlated with axon degeneration. In 2003, a study was initiated at the University of Pennsylvania MS Center to determine whether raising the levels of uric acid by the administration of inosine would slow the progression of MS. The study was completed in 2006 but the results were not reported to NIH. A subsequent publication hinted at potential benefits but the sample size (16 patients) was too small for a definitive conclusion. In addition, the side effect of the treatment was the development of kidney stones in 4 out of 16 patients. Thus, additional studies are necessary to prove the treatment’s efficacy.

This was copied from Wikipedia. Funny thing is my dad suffers from gout which is too much uric acid and there is a genetic link with some form of gout. My brother may be starting to some some symptoms of it too (hopefully not though). Maybe my dad and my brother nicked my uric acid. The swines !!! hehe

JBK xx