injuries without pain

breaking bones with no pain.

please can someone help or advise me i have now got to the stage where i can badly dislocate my ankle and break my leg in three places.i, and have no pain what so ever dr's and nurses do not have a clue what to do with me treatment wise saw physio three times and thats my lot, i got bitten by a dog no pain again i have also had bad infections and not known where there are until it turns to an abcess and burts and still no paain i may well have a broken bone in my arm from an earlier fall how do you get the proper sort of help or advice, i seem to be treating myself.

Hi Patricia,

I'm sorry, I don't think there's any treatment that can restore pain sensations that have been lost.

If the loss of pain perception is temporary, as a result of a relapse, then a course of steroids might restore it quicker.

But if the loss is permanent, you have no choice but to be very, very careful how you go about your daily life, and always check for signs of any unnoticed injury.

I only have very slight experience of this, and fortunately I did not break any bones, or cause myself other serious injury, at the time.  But I did go through a phase of having absolutely no sensation in my feet, including pain.

Although I didn't put it to the test (probably not a good idea), I was convinced I could have trodden on a drawing-pin without feeling it.  And I had to be very careful getting into the bath, in case the water was too hot, and I couldn't tell.

It might be possible to do something about why you are falling - e.g. is it a strength or balance issue?  Do you need a mobility aid (or different one, if you already have one)?  If your bones are breaking easily, when they really shouldn't (e.g. osteoporosis), it might be possible to treat that, too.  But I don't think the issue of not feeling pain is one that is treatable.  If pain signals can't get through, it is because of damage blocking their path.  Unless that damage repairs by itself, or with the help of steroids, the pain signals still won't be able to get through.  There isn't a pill you can take, that will let them leapfrog over the damage.

If there was, MS wouldn't be a problem, for anyone.



Thankyou tina,

yes it is here with me to stay no pain both sides of body, but aat least i have muscle pain al the time unless there is an injury, my problem is when i tell a docoer i have done this that or the other i think i need a x-ray he tells me it is just muscle pain cos i would not be able to move it since i have now proved that wrong i have made an appointment to see him but that will be 17th dec or there abouts. thankyou for yue advice you keep weel i am trying to get sed to this site.