Injection site sharp pain , like a wasp or bee sting

Hi All Just wondering if anyone experiences similar to me, i inject Plegridy, i have had the small dose, nearly full dose and 1 x main dose so far, i injected into my upper thighs each time, Right, then left then last week back to the right. This morning a couple of times i have had a really sharp stinging pain that almost straightaway goes away, close to (as far as i can tell as no marks) the injection site on my left thigh, so thats a pain come about coming on (on sunday) 4 weeks since injecting into it. Is this something anyone else injecting has experienced? i didnt realise you could potentially have injection site issues out of the blue 2 weeks or more after the initial few days where its a bit sore and red


Hi Dan,
I have something similar at the minute. I am experciencing tightness and stinging on my out thigh where i got my injection last. very sore to walk on and when turning in bed or getting up out of bed or off the couch.

I have had 3 courses of antibiotics and still not cleared. the doc is treating it as infection but i dont know. he told me to wear loose clothing.

did u get to the bottom of your symptoms?