Inflammation of spinal cord .. advise please!!

Hi ,

looking for some advise , I’m new to the site . 37 years old male , phisical job .

Ive had a numb arm for 10 days , which ended me going to a&e to have tests and was in for various tests . They 1st thought I could if been a stroke .

brain scan was done & futher mri nothing showed , various bloods . Then a futher mri showed a lesion on my spinal cord (c4) lumber puncher was done was clear . I was given steroids for 5 days and sent away but it hasn’t helped ,

symtoms still persist , extreme pins and needles in left hand and cramping . Feeling of tingling on left had side of torso and slightly in legs .

Also experiencing I’ll effects ( headaches) from the lumber puncher which are not helping this was done a week ago tomo .

I have a futher appointment in 4 weeks with neurologist , I just feel like I don’t no what to do and what is my prognosis?

Any help of advise would be grateful:)

Take painkillers and drink coffee or proper cola the caffeine can help with the headache also lay down on a bed that helps plus I think they said in my notes to drink about 3 litres of fluid a day to replace the fluid in your spine. Some legions are not demyelinating disease legions and they don’t do any harm. They will tell you if they did. I think you will be closer to what you have got as you have had blood tests LP and MRI head and spine there are a few more tests but I have only had those ones done, they found a few legions but they were fine but they did find a demyelinating disease legion in my brain, I have an appointment with the neurologist in April 10th to see him a second time so at the moment I am in limboland. Good luck it seems you have gone through the tests very quickly. Good luck Kay


Im 48 today :slight_smile: female but with a physical job and went to the doctor with a numb arm that she suspected was a trapped nerve. I had an MRI that shown inflammation of the C2, my Doc mentioned MS and its scared me senseless. I have seen a Neurologist and demyleination has been mention but faint?? Refex and balance tests apparently fine and I have for a further MRI next Wednesday of my head and full spine. This all started in December, so Ive been lucky to have had my tests quickly as the waiting game is awful.

Sorry I cant offer any advice but just wanted to reply and wish you all the very best.


Hello Dean

It does sound rather like MS might have been more or less been ruled out, one lesion on your spine, none in the brain plus a clear LP. (It’s a heck of a thing to have the LP, have the results be negative and still get the headache from hell!) Not that you can take anything said by anyone as true and correct, until the neurologist says what is happening.

It does seem that your start of symptoms to having the tests and seeing the neurologist is remarkably fast. At least you’ve not got months to wait

But if the headache doesn’t go away after another week, go back to the hospital. Very occasionally, there is a leak from the spinal tap that needs closing up with a ‘blood patch’. So if the headache lasts more than 10-14 days (and you’ve been rehydrating and resting), it might need fixing. It’s not a complicated procedure, they just use a little bit of your own blood to fill the hole left by the LP.

Meanwhile, start keeping notes on what symptoms you have and when. Write down a sort of timeline, when a symptom began, if it gets better or worse and when.

Good luck.