Hi folks I have all the symtoms off a U T I visit to gp yesterday morning tested urine sample colour off treacle that’s clear I

Will send it away to the lab then gave me a prescription for 200mg lyrica take 2 twice a day he says that’s 200mg more than recommended maximum dose and 500 mg more than I take at present today I am knackerd feel nearly cut in half think it’s

A&e next stop but my wife is away with the car today will maby go after tea

From my experience, the dark urine is dehydration. The bodies immune system needs coolant when it’s struggling. Water doesn’t cure much, but it keeps you alive, so it cures everything. Maybe that’s why the water rates keep going up. They figured out, without it, we’re all doomed.

Take it easy out there.


It was a kidney stone witch came through the system yesterday I had all the tests including ultrasound and ct

All came back as normal see n the docter on Monday in great pain his answer up the pain killers and ignore it

We were out for the day at a motor museum needed the toilet The pain was rather intense for a few minutes

Much better today ,