Indoor Rowing

Hi I was wondering if anyone else has taken up indoor rowing? I started last August and have had ups and downs. It would be great to speak with anyone else who is rowing.

Hello, good to hear that I’m not alone! I’m trying to develop an indoor rowing habit myself. The machine had been parked and gathering dust for the past few years due to my painful left knee. In the last few weeks the weather has been so grey much of the time and I can’t walk far to exercise outdoors. I started out in the Summer with 4 minutes at Resistance setting 1 and have been slowly building up to 20 minutes at setting 2.
What have been your frustrations, I might be able to help?
Best wishes, George.

Hi, great to hear there is someone else. I posted as I was interested to find out if anyone else had gone down this route for exercise.
I’m going slow but gradually building up, I started in last August and developed tennis elbow a few months ago that stopped me for a short time. I’m still doing massage and exercises for it.
I think the resistance varies between machines, which one are you using? I’ve got a concept 2, it had great reviews and possibly more importantly it’s a lot higher making it a lot easier get on and off than most of the other machines.
All the best

Hello Denise,

Mine is the cheapest that I could afford, it came from Argos and was about £150. My uncle had one in his flat and I had go on it there. It called a Air Rower and is made by ‘Roger Black Fitness’.
Roger Black was a 200m sprinter for the UK in the seventies so I trusted that, really. We had to build it at home (2 hrs) and I used to fold it away but now its ready and waiting all the time. I generally use it on cold wet days.

The name Concept 2 is familiar to me from training videos, it looks very good, I’m happy to read that its the right height for you. I was thinking about getting a cycling machine so that I could wear some headphones while exercising in the garage (the Mrs has vetoed that for now).


I love the indoor rower, but it gives me tennis elbow, so must leave it alone. Such a shame, as it makes me feel great otherwise! It’s not a technique problem; I have checked. It’s just my bad luck. I wish you joy of your rowing - it’s terrific exercise for those of us whose legs don’t work so well, particularly when we have that common MS pattern of being able to press the foot down OK but not lift it up. Great for the midriff too! Enjoy.

Thank you for your reply Alison. Did you pick up the tennis elbow from actually playing tennis? I used to play myself but not to a very good standard, its a lovely game though, very sociable. I’m thinking about you elbow, is it only painful when you move it?

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It’s great hearing from both of you. I really wish I had a garage where I could use the rowing machine. I’m squeezed into a small bedroom/office and cannot fit anything else in. I have no heating on and windows wide open an unheated garage would be bliss.
I did too much and that’s what caused tennis elbow. Fortunately I found some videos on you tube on how to massage it and went to an osteopath. She said it would hurt and she didn’t lie, however, it did speed up the healing. She recommended continuing with the massages and gave me some exercises, wrist flexes and curls. Let me know if you need anymore information on it.
I also checked my technique, I was using my arms too early so I’ve corrected that. As for lifting your heels if you stretch forward correctly I think your heels will lift automatically. There are some great videos on Youtube, have a look at Dark horse rowing and Ucanrow2. Just remember to go at your own pace and enjoy it.

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No, no, I picked up the tennis elbow from using the indoor rower. It was pretty damned sore, too, and limited my walking as well because I walk with two hiking poles and that’s hard work when the elbow tendons are inflamed. Once I gave up the rower, the tendonitis gradually healed. But thank you for the smile at the thought of me playing tennis - that is pretty hilarious! :slight_smile:

Hello Denny, this is a bit random but in a previous life I used to work for myself as a Gardener, I needed a lock-up for my kit (trailer, machines, ladders etc) this was in 2002 and it cost me me £30/month which at the time seemed good value. Wouldn’t it be nice if you has such garages just around the corner or could even share a garage with somebody?

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Hi George, unfortunately there are no lock ups or garages to rent near me.
Thanks for the thought

Hi Denny, that’s a shame. Thank you for the YouTube recommendations, George.

Hi Denny,
Are you still rowing at home nonetheless?

Hi George
Yes I’m still rowing and managing to gradually build up the distance. I think the trick is to have patience and build up slowly. The tennis elbow has mostly gone so I’m managing to do more. Are you still rowing and are you any closer to getting an exercise bike? I saw a rack you can get that will allow you to use a normal bike indoors.

Hello Denny, thanks for getting back to me. It’s good to hear that your elbow has settled down. Now that the weather has improved I’ve been able to get outside. The indoor bike is on hold since my expensive mistake of putting my (uninsured) phone through a half hour cycle in the washing machine. It was in a jacket pocket. I have been thinking of renewing my rowing habit though so thanks for your prompt and encouragement.