Hi, I am male and suffer from incontinence. I use Tropsium tablets once in the morning which supposed to help but doesn’t seem to be as I still being caught out before I can reach a toilet which is very stressful in the workplace.

Which medication do you use and is it effective?


It’s a right royal pain isn’t it?

My simple answer is incontinence pads and a well regimented daily routine of fluid intake.

I’ve tried the medication route which has proved ineffective.

I don’t get dehydrated but just stay in control. It’s taken 20 odd years of MS to learn this.

Best wishes.

I use the sheath and bag method. It takes away the element of chance.

It’s a self-adhesive condom which is attached to a bag, held in place, on the lower leg, by Velcro straps.

Ask your GP or you should be able to refer yourself to a Continence Nurse for more advice.


Hi, Be bold and talk to the incontinence nurse or refer yourself to a uro-neurologist

Whoops, that should be continence nurse.